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Company Culture

In Jaitek we are aware that actual society demand companies and professionals who are on uninterrupted training and growth. Companies adapted to its time and adaptables for each change they are producing and will be produced in the future.

And therefore, we understand technology as a way to confront new demands of the environment. We bet for the technology not only as a working tool, also as a tool of change and adaptation.

That is, ICT should not serve to separate groups, but for get their training access, learning, and professional performance possibilities closer and better.


Our professionals

Human component in Jaitek is the basis of the company. The work is done paying attention to quality commitent principles, effectiveness, creativity, cooperation and respect to each other. All of this with a working environment that promotes good mood, happyness and friendly treat with the colleagues.

In Jaitek we have two proffesional profiles:

- Methodological profile: Composed by teachers, pedagogues and psychologists, with experience in any level of the education, technology knowledge and eLearning. This profile gets completed with the use of Windows & Linux or Windows & Mac OSX, Internet knowledge and english.

- Technical profile: Is composed by engineers and computer technicians, with interests on education and training, educational technology knowledge and eLearning. Also, they have knowledge of server administration and English.

Our Method

Jaitek starts from a group of principles that are configured as fundamental elements of its approach as a company:

- A workng methodology based on cooperation, colaboration and connectivism as basic forms of learning and communication.

- On-line working, as a way to establish communication vays that allows uninterrupted training and experiences exchange.

- Learning is a permanent human proccess, and it is part of an active plan that makes posible the personal and professional growth by continuous recycling and trainig.

- In the same way that training and education concepts progresses, we should mention ICT importancy as an active element, each time more present, inside this actual learning proccess.

- The ICT access of a bigger number of users, companies and groups, working to decrease digital divides.

- TIC use as a way, to get easier creation of learning webs where all the community has significance.

Likeways, Jaitek has developed a quality system, where the work is a uninterrupted improvement proccess and where objectives and priorities answer the neccessities of our clients and of the professionals of our working team.

This quality system consists in a feedback proccess between the satisfaction, remuneration and results produced for our clients.




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