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Could you imagine having all your leaning history, professional and personal development available? Maybe you will need to talk with Jaitek for the making of your own e-Portfolio on-line, what we call eNetfolio.

The portfolio is a collection of the works a person has done in a period of his acdemic or professional life, in a semester, a year or four years. The student gathers the works that, evidences his efforts, his strenghts and weaknesses, his talents, his habilities, his archievements and productions.

01Process Portfolio: Has in a document a sequence of events directed to the consecution of prefixed objectives. Keeps the attention in the "how" more than in the result.

02Product Portfolio: Analysis of the results of an action or actions. The evidences include positive and negative results, and a global analysis is searched facing the determination of the grade of consecution of some objectives before the presentation of always successful results.

03Showcase Portfolio: Is a showcase where the best results of a project are gathered. Its objective is often for personal "marketing". This is the kind of portfolio that artists use.

When introducing the web, we talked about ePortfolio. An electronic portfolio has to have an interactivity component that permits uses and applications very hard or impossible to reach in a "paper and pencil" portfolio.

It can not be a digitalized version of the classic version of a Portfolo, they have to do more than a simple compilatory function and assume learning management functions. The available technology allows to increase horizons and combine in a same tool different applications, so one same packet can do numerous actions that shows the evolution of the professional anf personal development of a person.

This means that by our ePortfolio we can generate our own Personal Learning Environment where each person can:

  • Keep his own learning objectives.
  • Manage his learning and the content and processes management.
  • Communicate with others un the learning proccess.
  • Reach the learning objectives.

An ePortfolio is designed por an specific audience
A PLE is designed for a pairs web
… and a eNetfolio?….

Jaitek helps you to create your personal ePortfolio or a web of ePortfolios, what we call eNetfolio by the platform Mahara, an Open Source tool created and designed for this purpose.


Jaitek contributes to the creation of spaces for the learning on whole life...


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