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Measuring Attainment and Progress of Learners in Europe

Programme: Erasmus+

Action: Strategic Partnerships

Project Reference: 2015-1-UK01-KA201-013582

Start Date: 1/9/2015

Duration: 24 months


1Naace Trading LTD. UK.

2Euroface Consulting s.r.o. Czech Republic.

3Natsionalen Ucheben Tsentar. Bulgaria.

4Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work. Netherlands.

5Andragoski Zavod Ljudska Universa Velenje. Slovenia.

6Jaitek Tecnología y Formación SL. Spain.

Web page: http://maple.theingots.org/en/home/

Maple is a transnational strategic partnership oriented to measure achievements and progress in learning in European schools. Having a transnational level it is possible to obtain empirical data allowing to carry out a comparison between countries.

The project has three key dimensions:

  • Focus on Computational thinking and what students know and understand before and after the formal teaching.
  • It promotes the use of infrastructure and open source methods to support all its perspectives of diagnostic, formative and summative evaluation.
  • Act as a focus for educating for understanding instead of learning specific technological procedures which are subject to rapid changes. This encourages problem-based approaches and support of basic learning skills.


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