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Wordpress is a software for creating webs, blogs or applications. Wordpress is open source and we can create our own installation in our hosting. Wordpress is created and maintained by hundreds of voluntaries of the community. There are thousands of plugins and themes available for transforming your web to anything you can imagine. Actually, more than 60 millions of people have chosen Wordpress.

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is the favourite system of many of our clients because it is simple to use for the content updates. This ease is related with have alright used the system previously to create their blogs. Wordpress has many themes and plugins, but this can be a source of problems if we do not properly secure the system. 

What can Wordpress do?

Wordpress we can create our website, or our blogs system. Some examples can be the next ones:

  • Association blogs
  • Company webs
  • University blogs
  • Educative webs

Who uses Wordpress?

These are only some examples of the webpages that use Wordpress:

01 Jaitek Blog (Company Blog)

02 Instituto Atlántico de Gobierno (Educative institution web)

03 Fundamenta Psicoeducativo (Company Web)

04 Escuela de Master Chef (On-Line training)

05 Herald Sun (Online newspaper)

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