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These are some of the testimonials about us from our clients.

These are some of the testimonials about us from our clients.


"Our experience as clients of Jaitek could not be better. Disponibility of their technic team at any time, answers to our issues and constant improvement on the projects. The implication of the workers as the quality of service that they serve makes their contracting a good choice, efficient and worth."

Instituto Atlántico de Gobierno

Jaime Moro. Manager


"As in their Moodle developments as in the support they bring us, Jaitek offers total security and confidence. They promise to find solutions for our necessities and problems related to Moodle, with sympathy and good mood."

Madrid Autonomous University

Nacho Solis. Manager Technnic Unit of Management Systems


"We have been collaborating and working hand by hand with the Jaitek team since 2 years. Their service is excellent at technical and strategic levels. Also, theis compromise with their clients can not be better. The Jaitek team is responsible of the issues of their clients and the treat is always correct and efficient."


Olivia A. Ramos Albritton. BEO & CEO General Manager



"Jaitek has helped us to start modern, expandables and economic solutions to the challenge of incorporating ICTs in the class without losing an integral vision of the education. We think their team is made of people who understand and transmit the ICT importance in the XXI century, and they offer grat quality advices to their clients, with a compromised style."


Victor Manuel Rodríguez Muñoz. FUHEM Educative Sector Manager


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