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Research and Development

Jaitek purposes the challenge of creating new working spaces, for investigation and development of innovation programs in the inclusion of technollogy in any education field.

Also, it works for a constant improvement of the professional competences of the people it works with. Therefore, it is indispensable the effort of being creative in every purpose we offer to our clients.

Therefore, present this activity:

- Facilitando los recursos técnicos necesarios, en formatos presenciales o a distancia. Getting needed technical resources easier, in presencial or distance formats.

- Dynamizing workgroups with different methodologies.

- Joining new working tools and new technological resources in its day-to-day.

- Participating actively in the investigation and training of new professionals.

- Collaborating on different European Projects




Lifelong learning concept arises inside the context of the society of information we are inmersed and the society of knowledge the are going for.

In this contect, the construction of knowledge is not limited by a determined space and at a concrete moment of the life, but any situation and moment is the perfect situation for the knowledge and competence adquisition.

Jaitek is specialized in the realization of custom permanen training programs according to the necessites of the company and the people.


Jaitek, by the permanent learning follows, generally:

- Bring answers to the necessities of the demands of actual and future society.

- Bring permanent training on different learning environments.

- Train highly qualified professionals, specialized and on constant update, from the competence development that permits them adapt to the demands of the laboral market.

- Knowledge construction as a way to reach significative learnings.


The used methodologies un this learning are directed to the work in cooperation and collaboration.

Learn making, sharing and discussing. Because, thanks to the social interaction, this is how people develop all of their capacities.


Jaitek studies and provides, according to the necessities of each collective, these needed resources to carry through the purpose.

According to the modality (in-person, e-learning or a combination) the resources can be:

- Virtual classes: Web learning platforms, comunication and collaboration.

- Presential classes




Nowadays in Jaitek, we take part in the following European projects:

  1. Fliping First
  2. CoCOS
  4. Maple
  5. Elfie
  6. Dewolab
  7. Integrate4Job

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