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Could you imagine learning from anywhere, at any moment and with any device? Join to the training of the present!

Actually, web training or eLearning is very extended in all kind of organizations. This kind of training can remove the space-time barriers and gets easier to constant comunicate between the people who are trining by this way. By the eLearning the workplace training can be done, designing different learning itineraries where the use and combination of different methodologies is adapted to the different learning styles of the users, allowing the individualization of the learning.

Jaitek offers different services related to the web training:

Consultory: Jaitek studies most suitable training option, according to the training neccessities of our clients that can be exclusively on-line or combined (mixed or blended). In any case, we create personal learning environments with different platforms based on open source software (Moodle, Joomla, Wordpress,...). Also, we train and act as a consultant for our clients of this environment for extracting the most potential technically and methodologically.

Development: We are experts in the instructional design of eLearning material. The information published in a course is not always learnable, we need a transformation proccess based on the consecution of challenges to reach the training of habilities, information analysis, taking the needed competences according to the characteristics of the course. We develop any kind of material based on different standards, as SCORM, adaptables to any training platform and readable with any device, fixed or mobile.

Materials to read, interactives, videos, games, applications.... every kind of resources adapted to reach the learning of our users.

Tutorization and dynamization: On-line training is not a natural way of learning, and that is why the presence of tutors and dynamizators is needed for making the user experience the most successful posible. There people will be the ones who will resolve technical issues or content issues but, over all, they will accompany and guide the user in his learning and discovering proccess, making questions that will favour every participant of this kind of situations to be capable to learn individual and collectivelly. Jaitek has in its team expert dynamizators of virtual training spaces.

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