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At the startup of a Web Platform, the first requisite to fulfill is to have a server that can host the website.

We are talking about the technical elements as the physical sercer, dedicated or shared, with its operative system and the basic environment of web server and databases, as its working tools.

Jaitek offers the server hosting exclusively as a base for the given services about the Personal Learning Environments.

The hosting service is based on five elements detailed below. The idea is that the purpose for a concrete proyect can be customly and flexible configured with the basic hosting and the other four elements according to the clien needs. Visit our document of hosting and prices.


Basic Hosting ::

The service includes:

- The server.

- The operative system, web server and database software.

- Management tools of the webserver.

- Installation and basic configuration of all of this elements.

- The register management, manage and note of the domain selected.



Safe Web Server certificate ::

If it is needed that the web server must act as a "Safe" web server, it is needed to manage the obtaining of a SSL Server Certificate. Jaitek can offer its management, installation and configuration.



Copies ::

It consists on the organization of automatic Backups of the Server.

This copies can be done by tape or by external Hard Disk, depending of the offered options of each type and the hosting provider.



Administration ::

Once started the platform, Jaitek can give the administration and support service depending on the client necessities.

From the platform administration and the answer to issues including the solution search facing new functional necessities setted out and its inclusion in the platform to the resolution of questions of the use and functioning of this platform for the client.

This service element covers the server whose administration is assumed, Operative system, Basic software of web server and databases, and including, in this case, the Safe Server Certificate elements and Backups.



Training ::

In the event that the client wants to administrate its servers by its own, Jaitek can provide training about the basic training of Web Systems hosted on Linux servers based on Apache and MySQL and taking as reference a web hosting management tool like Plesk.

The initial approach, according to the necessities of the client, would be the making of face-to-face meetings with small groups and practical. In this case, the assistants should have basic knowledge about the objective computer systems of the course.





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