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The instructional design is a technique that allows us to transform information into learning objects. This means that the information can be learned, in this case by an on-line medium. To do this, we need the information but also know how to transform it, having clear objectives and competencies that we want the people we are training to acquire.

E-learning instructional model is based on that training should provide the “apprentice", the ability to apply concepts learned in his workplace and evaluate his results.

Es una metodología empleada para:

  • The development of programmes aimed at the achievement of mastery of skills.
  • In the systematic development of the instruction and learning.

Get the information and tell it not enough, a process of transformation, data analysis and search for resources is necessary to make the scripting of content and activities that achieve the overcoming of these objectives. Make a script of contents implies learning methodologies that, with the right combination of resources and activities, allow to achieve the objectives of the set time.

In this process, there are two profiles with different tasks:

1A profile of information expert, i.e. the technician or the person who knows the operation and the specific activity.

2A profile of expert in the scripting of the content to make the information and knowledge "learnable".

Jaitek can lead the work team and script itineraries and at the same time, guide the information expert to generate the necessary videos using this scripting.

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