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Moodle is an On-Line training platform that has many advantages for managing courses and learning proccesses, because it is based in Social Constructivism. Also it is a free platform very easy to manage and with a great evolution capacity.

  • Instalation: This service includes the instalation and inicial basic configuration of the specific platform software. It is a web-based application so it has to reside in a web server, with database support and Internet connectivity. This server can be owned by the client or can be provided by Jaitek (see Hosting). Among the tasks it is included the appropiate organization of the Web server (Domain management, Control Panel, access organization,...).
  • Personalization: Personalization based on the template system Moodle offers, with aspect elements apported by the client. Generally, the banner can be custom, initial page options, colors, fonts and icons. Also principal parameter configuration that controls operating options and general aspect of the system.
  • Support and Administration: Once that the platform is running, Jaitek can give Administration and Support service based on the client' necessities. From the platform administration and the answer to requests including solutions search for new functional necessities and its inclusion in the platform to issues resolution related to the use and functionallity of this platform by the client.
  • Custom adaptations: The technic team of Jaitek offers Custom Adaptations of the platform by the development of certain funcionalities uncovered with the main product and that they would be required by the client. Out policy is always start from existing components made by the community that they would "approximate" to what it is needed, limiting development tasks to the minimum posible, instead of doing complete development projects, that will favour the duration and costs of development in benefit of our client.
  • Formación: Jaitek ofrece formación específica en Moodle. En este área, la metodología de trabajo de Jaitek parte del supuesto de que el aprendizaje no es completo si no se desempeñan en situaciones reales las habilidades y conocimientos impartidos. La forma de trabajo, por tanto, se basa en la metodología instruccional, en el aprender haciendo, es decir en:
  • Training: Jaitek offers specific training
    • Un entrenamiento en las habilidades, capacidades y actitudes a desarrollar.
    • La utilización y manejo de las herramientas y recursos tecnológicos.

Se ofrecen cursos de formación a dos niveles:


    • Curso de Administración de la Plataforma.
    • Curso para Usuarios de la Plataforma (Tutores/Profesores)




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