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Are you thinking about starting to create online courses for your customers? Do not you have clear options? Do you need a little thing at the moment and not having your own platform? Jaitek has the solution for you, you can rent a space in 4eclass, our shared moodle service, and pay only for the students you need.

What is 4eclass?

4eclass is a service of rent of an online training platform or e-learning, where you pay based on your course students. It is the ideal place to begin offering online training to our customers without worrying about having and maintaining its own platform

What is 4eclass for?

With our online training platform rental service you can:

  • Create your own online courses
  • With a custom appearance
  • Only paying for the amount of students you have
  • With the possibility of having your own subdomain

What can we offer with 4eclass?

These are some of the possibilities you have with 4eclass:

01 Moodle access
You can have your platform to develop your online courses

02 Custom appearance
Your courses will have your own logo and color

03 Payment per student
You'll only pay for students you need. The payment can be monthly, six-monthly or annual

And with a very competitive price you can also:

These are some of the possibilities you have with 4eclass:

01 Adobe Connect
You can rent our Adobe Connect rooms to enrich your courses online with virtual synchronous sessions

02 Create and remove students
So you won't have to pay platform by students who have already completed their courses

03 Instructional Design
We can help you create your online course to ensure the learning of your students

04 Custom template
If you need to change the appearance of your courses to something concrete we can help you do it

05 Training
We can train you in the use of Moodle and instructional design

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