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We are surrounded of technological social networks. It is really rare seeing one person who do not want to use a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any social network account we can create with the accesible software that we have and the possibilities of having Internet servers where to host them. The social networks and every posible personal or organizational implementations open us infinite possibilities that in the most cases, we do not know how can we use them. 

What is a Social Network?

A social network is a social structure made from a group of actors (that can be people or organizations) that are related according to a criteria (professional relation, friend, family, etc.). Normally, the graphic form or representing them is the actors as nodes and the relations as lines that joins them.

For what are Social Networks useful?

Normally, we think on social networks as an advertising way, to show that what interests us. But the reality is that social networks can be used as a very powerful collaboration tool, and use them, for example, as a training or educative resource. Of course we can use existing social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Edmodo
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Foursquare
  • Snapchat

The examples ar only some between the infinity of social networks that we can find. But also we can create our own social network, what can we do combinating content management systems with plugins of the platform, or with software that permits us create a network.

How can I create my own social network?

These are only some examples of how to create yoour own social network:

01 Elgg (Social network Software)

02 BuddyPress (Wordpress plugin)

03 WP Symposium Pro (Wordpress plugin)

04 WP Mingle (Wordpress plugin)

05 JomSocial (Joomla plugin)

06 EasySocial (Joomla plugin)

07 Community Builder (Joomla plugin)

Jaitek can help you to do an analysis of your necessities of use on social networks, and according to this analysis, decide what Social Network should you use, and if you need an own Social Networks. At this case, we help you to decide between the options, and to start the selected solution.


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