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Virtual classrooms are a new concept in doing what they always called education at distance. Now used in many universities around the world and also is being used increasingly in business training.

What changes with the concept of virtual classroom?

Existing technology has given many new possibilities to virtual education, facilitating the management of information and the contents of the theme that you want to treat and at the same time having more tools related to pedagogical processes that allow virtual classroom learning processes that could previously only be done in the face-to-face classroom.

For what is the virtual classroom useful?

Today, the virtual classroom is a good solution for business training, but it can also be a very important support for education. In a virtual classroom, you can create activities of cooperation and participation of our students, and even, through video conferencing systems, we can create "face to face" moments for doubts and even masterclasses.
Thanks to all the existing tools and web 2.0 we can include content, not only quality, but that they are also attractive. And if the security of the contents is important to us, well because we do not want that our videos are downloaded, or that they may not download or copy the text from our pdfs, we can also do it. The only thing we cannot avoid is make photos or record it on video, i.e. as in the classroom.
Some features of the current virtual classroom are:

  • It breaks the territorial physical barriers
  • Breaks the temporary barriers, except in activities scheduled synchronously
  • You can save costs against the face-to-face classroom (mainly travel)
  • It allows to create most of the pedagogical processes that we created in a classroom
  • Each student can adjust their dedication according to their possibilities
  • The contents may be of high quality

When creating our own virtual classroom environment we have endless possibilities, from a first consideration if we are going to have teaching presence or tutors in the course, or it will be completely self-education of our students. Depending on the type of virtual classroom that we need and want we can combine different tools and systems.

How can I create my own virtual classroom?

Here are some examples on how to create your own virtual classroom with JAITEK:

01 Renting a moodle space in 4eclass

02 Creating my own moodle installation

03 Create your SCORM packages with Adobe Captivate

04 Create your videos with Camtasia

05 Generate animations with Videoscribe

06 Prepare different presentations with Prezi

07 Make graphics with Genial.ly

08 In general to enrich your content with web 2.0 tools
Running Web 2.0

JAITEK is an expert in the whole process of creation of virtual classrooms, from the technological part of installation of platforms, to the creation of content in different formats, including SCORM. And if needed, make them safe so that only you can download them.
And of course  the full design of courses from your content, designs where the focus is always the students learning.


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