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There are many Open Source tools that can be useful for us at the time of developing a webpage. Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or Elgg are only some examples. There are also services that permit us create our webpage in its servers. To do a good selection of what do I need, first of all I need to thing on how will I use it. Also, we have to keep in mind that using Open Source software does not mean that it is free if I want to develop a professional webpage and not only a homemade webpage.

What does developing a webpage mean?

We all are capable of making a webpage, or request it to a friend, because with the actual Open Source software they can be developed in a moment, and free.
But the reality is that many times these webpages end bringing us problems because taking no care of all that is needed around the webpage, like the server where the webpage is hosted or the used databases.

What should we considerate when creating our webpage?

Of you only care about the costs of your page, this considerations are not for you. Ask your friend or your brother-in-law for developing the webpage and invite him to some beers.
If you really care about having a proper webpage, there are some considerations above to keep in mind:

  • Where are you hosting the webpage? Have you read the small prints of these free hosting you have seen?
  • Do you have access, or your support, to the operative system of the server? This can help you to solve problems.
  • Have you decided the CMS (Content Management System) because of its funcionalities?
  • Do you have access to the needed databases?
  • Have you decided the webpage structure and its funcionalities?
  • Do you have the appropiate configuration for the correct appear in search engines?
  • Do you need a safe server certificate?
  • Do you have programmed the needed maintainment of the contents?


The web has to bring you the service you need, and this normally will be changing with you and with your organization.

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