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Would you like to offer online training to your customers? Or offer information on specific procedures? Do you have a large number of users accessing the platform? Jaitek can build your own Moodle platform, in it you can manage all your clients and all the courses you need, on your current server or on the server you need at that time according to your needs.

Why have your own platform?

Have your own platform is the ideal solution when you have a large number of users, and allows us to have all the control that we need on the platform, from appearance to the functionality, safety and adaptation that we need

What does an eLearning platform like Moodle for us?

Having your own moodle platform you can:

  • Configure your server according to your needs
  • Adapt the platform
  • Manage users
  • Create all courses online that you want to
  • Offer your procedures in a controlled environment

What can Jaitek also offer you?

Here are some options that can be used:

01 Security videos
We can make videos of your courses to not be downloadable at any time

02 Security PDFs
Your text documents also can be secured

03 Custom adaptations
You can add your particular needs that Moodle does not support

Who have decided to have their own eLearning platform?

These are some of our customers with their own Moodle platform:

01 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

02 Instituto Atlántico de Gobierno


04 Escuela de Música Creativa



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