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Administración y Soporte

Once installed the platform, JAITEK can serve the Administration and Support service that will allow ...

  • The resolution of working problems on it, doing always the best effort in the maintainment of the service, without making major changes on the delivered structure and customization. The elements that can be covered by this services are:
    • The administration of the own server, taking what it is needed to keep operating the application environment.
    • Management of the application environment (Moodle, Wordpress,...).
    • The service is provided during local business hours and keeping the standard work schedule, unless specially planned interventions.
  • The response to requests for support on a platform by the administrators of the customer. Answers to requests of the type "How can I do...?". This service involves the management or help in the administration of the specific application and the response to consultations including the search for possible solutions existing in the community, according to the needed services and its inclusion on the platform, provided that they do not involve major changes in other parts of the server.

Technicians and professionals from Jaitek have the experience and training to resolve incidents in various supported platforms, both level management application development...

How is it organised?

This service is modeled as a fixed monthly payment that includes a package with a preset number of requests (or Tickets) support/problem solving, that may look like a bag of hours monthly. Depending on the expected volume, you can agree 'sizes' of the 'package', in Tickets.

It is possible that the 'consumption' of more requests that those included in the contracted 'package', establishing for this purpose a unit price for extra Ticket or excess, during the month.

This is a monthly fixed cost more a few possible variables excesses, initially measured at monthly intervals, although other schedules in accordance with the customer can be drawn.

Support Platform

Requests shall be at the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email to leave a complete traceability and possible follow-up by all parties. The costumer can track his requests at the web Jaitek support system http://soporte.jaitek.com.

This organization allows you to get a quick performance and the control and monitoring of requests and incidents.


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