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Jaitek plans training as one of the basic tools for the people and society evolution. We carry trought the training in two main lines of working, giving answers to all the necessities, personals and as a collective.

01Jaitek designs training plans acoording to the company, organization or educative entity necessities.
We are specialists on training people permanently. We are responsible of the contents and the way to learn them. The solutions are diverse and perfectly mixable: face-to-face courses, on-line courses, long term plans of diverse type to train professionals on different areas, certain training actions...

02Learn making, collaborating and discussing by practical situations are the methodological keys of our training plan.


The Jaitek working methodology starts from the idea of that the learning is not complete if the habilities and learned knowledgements are not performed in real situations. That is why the training development is done by various group dynamics and exercises that show and develop reflections of the contents that they have to learn: learn making.

The proccess is based on:

A constant train of the habilities, capacities and attitudes to develop. The continuous search of renovation and update, sharing experiences and knowledges of common interest.


In the workplaces, each person has to perform a list of tasks and, for reaching it effectively, has to have certain competences. That is why the training teams on companies have to be clear about the competences each professional has to have to perform his job properly.

Jaitek helps companies to define and train its professional competences and train them.

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