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Our Method

Jaitek starts from a group of principles that are configured as fundamental elements of its approach as a company:


- A workng methodology based on cooperation, colaboration and connectivism as basic forms of learning and communication.

- On-line working, as a way to establish communication vays that allows uninterrupted training and experiences exchange.

- Learning is a permanent human proccess, and it is part of an active plan that makes posible the personal and professional growth by continuous recycling and trainig.

- In the same way that training and education concepts progresses, we should mention ICT importancy as an active element, each time more present, inside this actual learning proccess.

- The ICT access of a bigger number of users, companies and groups, working to decrease digital divides.

- TIC use as a way, to get easier creation of learning webs where all the community has significance.

Likeways, Jaitek has developed a quality system, where the work is a uninterrupted improvement proccess and where objectives and priorities answer the neccessities of our clients and of the professionals of our working team.

This quality system consists in a feedback proccess between the satisfaction, remuneration and results produced for our clients.

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